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Found a supplier online and not sure whom you are dealing with? Don’t worry, we can do a quick check for you!
Choovit supplier check

Supplier Check in 4 Steps

Send us your link

Send us the link or name of your supplier which you found online.

Contact supplier

We will contact the supplier and conduct a short interview.

Send report

We will send you a brief report about our findings of your supplier.

Supplier verified

You have a better idea about your supplier’s identity.

Choovit verified supplier

GET Peace of Mind

Have peace of mind by knowing your supplier is who they say they are. Trade with more confidence.

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Example of deliverables

You will receive two documents. A report containing a summary of the interview and business license in English.
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Frequently Asked Questions

As soon as your supplier-check ready, we will send you an invoice. After you have paid the invoice you will receive the outcome of the supplier check (report of interview and business licence in English).

During the short interview, we will do the following:

-We will verify the supplier’s name

-Ask them about products currently produced/sold

-Ask them about their trading experience

-Ask them to send us photos of their facility/warehouse

-Ask them to send us a photo of their business license

In general there are three scenarios:

Scenario 1: Comply with all requests

A supplier will pick up the phone and comply with all our requests. This is the best-case scenario.

Scenario 2: Comply with some requests

A supplier will pick-up the phone but don’t answer all our questions. in this case we will write in the report which questions the supplier did not wanted to answer. Note: not answering some or all questions could indicate a red flag for doing business.

Scenario 3: A supplier will comply with no requests

A supplier will not pick-up the phone. In general we will try to call your supplier 3 times. If your supplier does not pick-up after three times we will write this in the report.

Generally, we strive to create and send your report within 24 hours of your initial request.

You will receive a report in PDF format by email. The report contains a summary of the interview, photos (if provided by your supplier) and business licence in English.

You should buy this service if you want to know the following:

1. Does my supplier respond to contact requests?

2. What is my suppliers average response time?

3. Is my supplier willing to provide information? (Pictures, business license etc.)

4. What is my supplier’s legal name?

5. What is my supplier’s trading experience?

6. How does the factory / facility look like?

7. Business license in English

You can pay with PayPal, Mastercard, Visa or via bank transfer.

Your will report will contain a summary of the short interview with the supplier. The following questions will be answered in the report:

1. Does my supplier respond to contact requests?

2. What is my suppliers average response time?

3. Is my supplier willing to provide information? (Pictures, business license etc.)

4. What is the supplier’s legal name?

5. What products are produced by the supplier? (if provided)

6. What trading experience does you supplier have? (If provided)

7. How does the factory/warehouse/facility looks like on pictures? (If provided)

8. How does a picture of the business license looks like? (If provided)

9. Business license in English

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