Shipping from China

As part of our shipping support, we give you advice on the most appropriate shipping method with a good quality-to-price ratio. From loading to delivery, each step is planned and overseen by our team. We oversee the publication of customs clearance documents and update you about the exact location and status of your order.

Request quotes

Each purchase varies in amount, volume, weight, cost, time, and customs requirements. As such, each shipment is unique and requires comparison of shipping quotes.

After we’ve determined the best shipping method (i.e. vessel, train, air), we request quotes from different logistics providers. Typically, we request 3 different quotes, which we then compare on best quality/price ratio.

  • Request 3 Quotes
  • Select Carrier

Document clearance

Accurate documentation is one of the most important elements in international logistics and customs clearance. Proper documentation will help your shipment reach its international destination on time and reduce the risk of it being delayed by customs.

We oversee that clearance documents are accurately and timely published. As such, we help to prevent last minute changes, missing documents or late delivery.

  • Bill of Lading
  • Commercial Invoice
  • Packing List
  • Other documents (i.e. Certificate of Origin)

SHIPment tracking

To plan your own activities, it is important to be updated about the shipment and delivery of your products.

While we manage the smooth journey of your goods from the factory to you, we keep informing you about the latest status and location of your goods.

  • Customs status
  • Track & Trace
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