Quality Control in China

While “Made-in-China” is no longer a synonym for poor quality, effective quality control mechanisms remain a priority for any business looking to build their supply chain.

product inspections

Quality issues are still common in China and because you are not at the factory, you are not sure if the goods coming out of the production lines comply with your quality standards. To prevent unpleasant surprises (and higher costs) later on, Choovit inspects your products on location in China.

We can help you inspecting product quality-levels in the factory, during several important stages of the production process. Our most frequent inspections are:

  • PPI – Pre-production inspection (raw materials & components)
  • DPI – During Production Inspection
  • PSI – Pre-Shipment Inspection (when 80 -100% of products are packed)
  • CLI – Container Loading Inspection

Factory audits

A simple visit to a potential factory in China can give you a huge amount of information. In the first place, if the supplier actually exists.

During a factory audit, we verify the manufacturers’ documentation. We check the factory’s original China Business License and certifications. Also, we evaluate the production floor; does the factory has the capacity – staff, equipment and facilities – to produce your order? Finally, we verify the factory’s quality system. For this part, we evaluate factory processes on handling incoming materials, in-process goods and finished products, against international standards.

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