Sourcing China manufacturers is an art in itself. It comes down to efficiently navigate through a vast amount of (often inaccurate) information. Our staff helps you sourcing manufacturers in China that meet your project’s requirements. We  implement our multi-layered filtering process to identify right suppliers. Upon completion, you are presented all supplier’s information, contact details, quotations, as well as our own assessment.
Choovit sourcing steps

Project review

Before we start searching for manufacturers, we want to have a clear understanding of your exact needs. Therefore, our team first goes over your project’s characteristics, requirements and deliverables.

Next, we translate the project details into a ‘Product Specification Sheet‘. This document includes all technical details, price, definite quality and quantity. Having such a clearly written Product Specification Sheet will help you to get better quality sourcing results.

  • Project Review
  • Product Specification Sheet

Find manufacturers

After all project requirements are clear, we will compose a detailed RFQ-pack to send to manufacturers. By setting out a framework of how to receive back quotations, we can later easily compare different suppliers.

We then pre-select manufacturers based on your projects’ requirements and priorities. For this part, we use our own multi-layered screening filters. Once we have compiled a list of suitable suppliers, we will send out the RFQ-pack. Upon completion, we will transfer all quotes/results to you, the client.

  • RFQ-Pack
  • Supplier Screening
  • Transfer of Files

Request samples

In addition to the RFQ-pack, we can order samples from the manufacturer on your behalf.

Before we ship samples to you, we will inspect them against the product specification sheet. As such, technical or aesthetic issues can be addressed before placing the order. This step will help to get a better understanding about the suppliers’ capabilities and support.

  • Order Samples 
  • Inspection


We provide support in negotiating the price, lead-time and payment terms with your Chinese supplier of choice.

Our ability to communicate in Chinese, allows us to talk directly to the factory’s decision maker. As such, we can skip the ‘translation process’ when communicating via the factory’s English-speaking salesperson. This frequently causes misunderstandings or lost of ideas.

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